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Halloween 2012

It has been a while since my last update, but here is my 2012 Halloween costume. There were a ton of nerdy costumes out that night, it was awesome to see!


I used a piece of wire and some card stock and a crummy wig I found on amazon.

How? Aliens.

My New Space Invader Couch!

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself bored while cleaning my garage. I wanted to build something. It had been too long since I built something new. I remembered seeing Igor Chak’s  infamous space invader couch online, and I thought I would see what it would take to build such a thing. I had stacks of wood just lying around, and started to just slap some wood together to get a rough idea. I wasn’t seriously trying to build anything, but as time progressed I felt like the ideas were coming together on how to build the thing. Without any plans or any clear idea on how to build it, I somehow managed to build a decent looking couch on a whim. Design credit of the couch goes to the amazing  Igor Chak.

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Damage control

So… FedEx decided to deny my claim, stating that there was insufficient packaging. To which I submit the following video.

Heh, that almost looks like my coffee table in clip #2 in front of that truck. I would need a giant Pelican case to prevent the kind of abuse Fedex does. They rolled my package end over end on its side up my driveway.

I got the letter saying they denied my claim but it contained no tracking number for my table. Now I am wondering when I will get my smashed table back. I called them 3 times to find out when I can get my package back, and all 3 times they “cannot supply the information requested” so they redirect me to a person who can. Except they are always not in the office and I have to leave a voicemail. When will I get my smashed table back so I can possibly salvage some things?

Looks like Conan is getting in on things too…

*Update 2*
Called yet again and got forwarded to my claims representative, just to be forwarded to their voice mail. I called again to ask if there was anyone else I could talk to instead. I had asked where my package is, and they began to state that it was delivered quite a while ago, and stated an address that was clearly not mine. I interrupted to say “Whoa, umm, that is not my address.” to which they replied I’m sorry but I cannot help you, you will need to speak to your representative. Ugh…

FedUp with FedEx

*UPDATE* So… I have yet to hear word from FedEx on the status of my claim. I decided to call 1800-GO-FedEx and check up on my claim status. I supplied the representative with my claim number that was supplied to me. It turned up zero results in their system. They asked for the initial tracking number, to which I supplied, which also resulted in zilch. They do not have any of this on record? They asked for my name so they can do a search, buy the only thing to turn up was the first claim when the customer received the table with minor damages. I was transferred over to the guy who initially handled the first claim but he was not available so I left a message. What next?

Do not trust FedEx with your deliveries. I had shipped out a NES coffee table to someone who bought one, and upon receiving it, they ignored the “This side up” stickers and delivered it on it’s side. They also had stacked a large and very heavy box on top of it, tweaking the table inside. There were minor damages, some splitting and chipped paint. I had him ship the damaged table back to me and I got to work making him a new one.

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For Halloween this year I decided to go all out and be Finn from Adventure Time. I had to sew together the backpack from scraps I bought at Joann’s Fabrics. The hat is a white hoodie I bought from a goodwill store. I just cut off the hood part and sewed together some ears on top. The sword was carved from a solid block of MDF. I made sure to include battle damage with dings and scratches and also a rhinestone jewel at the hilt with a detachable sheath (since some clubs would frown on me having a weapon).

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