Halloween 2012

It has been a while since my last update, but here is my 2012 Halloween costume. There were a ton of nerdy costumes out that night, it was awesome to see!


I used a piece of wire and some card stock and a crummy wig I found on amazon.

How? Aliens.

In Print

It has been a busy month, but here is a quick update. I have been doing some photo work for this organization called Laura’s House. They specialize in helping those involved in domestic violence. They used one of my photos I took for them in a Valentine’s Day card that was sent out to people who donated to their not-for-profit organization as a thank you.

If you know anyone involved in any sort of domestic abuse, please refer them to Laura’s House. Men, women, children, and the elderly can be caught up in domestic abuse. Laura’s House is there to help.

Also for my school work, we were encouraged to explore printing our series of work. I took my “out of focus” series, and turned it into a photo book called Subfocus. I used Blurb.com to create my book. You can preview the whole thing here http://www.blurb.com/books/2781810

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My New Space Invader Couch!

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself bored while cleaning my garage. I wanted to build something. It had been too long since I built something new. I remembered seeing Igor Chak’s  infamous space invader couch online, and I thought I would see what it would take to build such a thing. I had stacks of wood just lying around, and started to just slap some wood together to get a rough idea. I wasn’t seriously trying to build anything, but as time progressed I felt like the ideas were coming together on how to build the thing. Without any plans or any clear idea on how to build it, I somehow managed to build a decent looking couch on a whim. Design credit of the couch goes to the amazing  Igor Chak.

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