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FedUp with FedEx

*UPDATE* So… I have yet to hear word from FedEx on the status of my claim. I decided to call 1800-GO-FedEx and check up on my claim status. I supplied the representative with my claim number that was supplied to me. It turned up zero results in their system. They asked for the initial tracking number, to which I supplied, which also resulted in zilch. They do not have any of this on record? They asked for my name so they can do a search, buy the only thing to turn up was the first claim when the customer received the table with minor damages. I was transferred over to the guy who initially handled the first claim but he was not available so I left a message. What next?

Do not trust FedEx with your deliveries. I had shipped out a NES coffee table to someone who bought one, and upon receiving it, they ignored the “This side up” stickers and delivered it on it’s side. They also had stacked a large and very heavy box on top of it, tweaking the table inside. There were minor damages, some splitting and chipped paint. I had him ship the damaged table back to me and I got to work making him a new one.

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A few things

Things have been busy busy and I haven’t had much time for projects or updating the website, but heres a few things I have been doing.

I have decided to put up another one of my coffee tables up for auction. Originally I was going to have it featured in the IAM8BIT art show, but I have lost contact with the owner and I presume he lost interest since he stopped returning emails. Bummer. Anyway the table is up forauction on eBay here.

Also I am looking to maybe start doing some things on etsy.com, a site dedicated to selling hand made arty items. My seller name is mattcyborgelt, so keep an eye out if/when I put something up.

I have a few projects on the forefront of my mind. Some are retro decorations for around the house. Another is a new coffee table, but it might be some time before I can get to it. The other is nerdy in another fashion: astronomy. I recently bought a Zhumell z10 telescope. The thing is pretty nice but the fact that it is not motorized makes it astro-photography disabled. For the price on the Black Friday deal, I could not pass it up. I calculated a few things out, bought a cheap high torque 12v DC motor, and found a nice set of hobby gears. Next up is assembly. I will document the process, and if this works out well I will post the project on here, and maybe make a few of these motorized units for those Zhumell or Meade Lightbridge owners out there.

In the meantime heres a rough shot of the moon through my telescope.