I just finished three more Nintentables. I am in talks with displaying one at an art show in LA, one is for my self, the third one was going to be for someone who wanted it but it remains unclaimed.

If the third remains unclaimed, I will have to put it up for auction. These three new coffee tables feature the same dimensions and features of the original including the flip-top storage space, working LED power button, and controller port power outlets. In addition to these I turned the back compartment from a flip open design to a big pull out drawer. It is much more accessible than the original design and allows the storage of movies, games, and what ever else you might have.

A jig I made to make identical angle cuts for the front and back of the unit

The jig slides in the grooves, making perfect angle cuts every time

Assembled the outer frame, installing the drawer rails

Drawer made, ready to test slide it in.

Perfect fit

Four “shells” nearly ready. I ended up only finishing three of them due to storage issues.

A frame I built to route out the grooves for the controller ports.

Another frame to cut out the button and LED  holes

Glued down a thin plastic square for the raised surface encompassing the button area.

The storage box that you see when you open the lid of the NES

Storage box bracketed and glued into place

Routing out the grooves on the top of the console. I had cut tons of 1/2 inch pieces in which I removed 2 pieces per line that I route out, ensuring perfect spacing


Squaring off the rounded edges with a razor blade

Sanded, patched, and ready for primer

Primed and ready for paint

With a little masking tape, I painted the three colors onto the table.

Lid is assembled

Here is a piece of wood I used to determine where to drill the holes for the hinge of the lid.

The hinge assembly. Simple.

Hinge and hole ready to be fitted.

Wiring the power button switches and power supply.

The LED holder for the power light.

Where the power button slides, and where the switches are mounted

Power outlets ready to be installed

Power outlets ready to go. (inside view)

And there they are.

After adding the decals, adding some final touches, and some lacquer, here is the final product.

The lid holder, holds it open and prevents it from slamming shut.

The big drawer

And with that, I am DONE with NES. I am going to start a new project once these are cleared out of my garage. I am moving on from the tired NES tables onto something more current :)

3 thoughts on “Threetendo”

  1. yeah if you’re not going to make anymore, please help other people make their own. It would be really awesome to build this. I’d be happy to buy one too and know a lot of other people would too if you were to make more!

    Keep up the great work, but I recommend releasing the plans or continuing production :)

    1. I have 2 more in my garage that need finishing touches. I have been busy with moving so they are on the back burner for now. My plans I used are pretty rough. I basically use the dimensions of the system and make cuts on the fly when piecing it together. I may make detailed plans later on.

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