Damage control

So… FedEx decided to deny my claim, stating that there was insufficient packaging. To which I submit the following video.

Heh, that almost looks like my coffee table in clip #2 in front of that truck. I would need a giant Pelican case to prevent the kind of abuse Fedex does. They rolled my package end over end on its side up my driveway.

I got the letter saying they denied my claim but it contained no tracking number for my table. Now I am wondering when I will get my smashed table back. I called them 3 times to find out when I can get my package back, and all 3 times they “cannot supply the information requested” so they redirect me to a person who can. Except they are always not in the office and I have to leave a voicemail. When will I get my smashed table back so I can possibly salvage some things?

Looks like Conan is getting in on things too…

*Update 2*
Called yet again and got forwarded to my claims representative, just to be forwarded to their voice mail. I called again to ask if there was anyone else I could talk to instead. I had asked where my package is, and they began to state that it was delivered quite a while ago, and stated an address that was clearly not mine. I interrupted to say “Whoa, umm, that is not my address.” to which they replied I’m sorry but I cannot help you, you will need to speak to your representative. Ugh…

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